My great experiences at the Dutch Championships!
27 December 2019

Last week was a week full of surprises and victories at the Dutch Championships Tennis in Alphen aan den Rijn. The result of my wins at the junior matches was that i could play the junior finales at the Dutch Championships. This also made me even more excited about my women’s qualifications. Below you can read my experiences at the Dutch Championships!

Photo from @Jan Pieter Schade

It has been a while ago but on the last weekend of November 2019, the junior matches began. In the singles, I lost my first match against Jinte Bos but I won my match against Fee Lentze with a walkover. In the end, I did place myself for the junior final. In the doubles, Jinte Bos and I won the match against Maarten ter Hofte and Xavier Donker.

To be able to play with the seniors at the Dutch Championships I needed to win my first women qualification match against Kelly van der Ven. For me, this was an exciting game but I still won this match with 6-0 6-2. After this win, I was allowed to play with the senior’s and I was placed in a poule with Aniek van Koot, Ilse van der Burgwal and Jinte Bos. Monday 16 Dec I played my first single match against Aniek van Koot, I lost this match 6-2 6-1, but I still gained 3 games! Tuesday was an exciting day, I had my match against Jinte Bos, during the junior matches I lost from her but it all fitted well this time and I won with 6-1 6-4. On Wednesday I played my last exciting poule match against Ilse van der Burgwal 6-4 6-4. This victory has ensured that I became second in our poule and that I had made it to the cross final! Friday 20 Dec I played the cross final against Jiske Griffioen, it was a fun and educational match that I’ve lost 6-1 6-1.

During the Dutch Championship, I also played doubles with Jinte Bos, our first match was on Wednesday 18 Dec against Kelly van der Ven and Ilse van der Burgwal. This time it was again an exciting match which we won 6-4 6-2. With this victory, we were placed in the doubles finale against Marjolein Buis and Michaela Spaanstra. These women were too strong and we lost 6-1 6-0.

Sunday 22 Dec was the final day when I played my junior finales. I started with my single match against Jinte Bos. It was an interesting match which I won 6-3 6-1. Afterward, I played the double final with Jinte Bos against Maarten ter Hofte and Xavier Donker. This match we won with 6-3 6-1.

This Dutch Championships is something I won’t forget, I achieved beautiful victories and instructive losses, who have ensured that I became Dutch Champion with the junior matches singles and doubles. But also that I ended in second place during the women’s double and not to forget that I’ve made it to the women’s semi-finals. This Dutch Championships was a great experience for me!  

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